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How’s that New Year’s Resolution Going?

Roi Danon February 2, 2018

Well, we’re exactly one month into 2018. How’s that New Year’s Resolution going? Have you lasted 4 weeks, 3 weeks, 2 weeks, 2 days? According to Statisticbrain.com people who make resolutions are 10x more likely to achieve their goals compared to people who don’t make resolutions. However, only 9% of people feel they succeeded in their resolution. Where are you on that list? Did you make a goal, did you keep your goal, and what are you doing to keep moving forward in that goal?

Try and Try Again

You failed your New Year’s resolution, now what? Failure is not an ending, it’s the chance for another beginning. Before you try again though, think about why you failed. What was it that got in the way of your goal? Now that you have that in mind, think about what you can do to remove that speed bump that is slowing your progress. Now, let’s try again.

Go Big or Go Home

What may be considered a big goal can change from everyone’s perspective but, set a goal that is realistic and large to you. Your goal should be achievable, but it should also be challenging. Setting a goal to lose half a pound in 6 months is surely achievable but is it challenging enough? Let your goal scare you a little, let it sit in the back of your mind as a constant reminder to try and achieve it.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Big goals are great. Big goals drive people to achieve wondrous things; however, you don’t get to start at the finish line. Set smaller goals that set you on a path to achieve your ultimate goal. If you resolved to stop drinking soda, maybe tweak that so it’s a goal you accomplish by the end of 2018. Start slowly, cut back over time rather than cold turkey, and see if you progress better that way. Slow progress always beats no progress.

Big + Little

Wait, so what is it, “Go big or Go Home” or “Bigger isn’t Always Better?” The answer is both. You wouldn’t try to eat a whole cake in one bite, no! You cut it up into slices first and before you know it you’re thinking great! where’s the second cake?
That said, what’s your goal? What steps are you taking to achieve your goal? Now go out there and achieve some goals!

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