Invest in Your Home with Your Tax Refund!

Roi Danon April 26, 2017

Invest in Your Home!

Now that tax season has come and gone and if you were lucky Uncle Sam is dropping a refund check in your mailbox. Now comes the debate of what to do with that check. Do you pay off some bills, take a vacation, or save it for a rainy day? What about investing in your property?

Kitchen Remodel

As a rule of thumb remember that would-be-buyers will almost always overestimate the cost of a kitchen remodel. They may walk into an outdated kitchen and assume it will take $40,000 or more to redo when it may take less than $20,000. According to a minor kitchen remodel of around $20,000 can lead to an 83% return on investment when added to the value of the house.

Remodeling and Upgrading Made Simple

When you say remodel to a homeowner they tend to stress and twitch at the idea. However, simple and easy tasks are considered remodeling. Something as simple as a new garage door or a new front door are considered remodeled upgrades adding value to your home and can have a fantastic return on your investment.


A new paint job is a fantastic and commonly overlooked way to add value to your home. Inside or out or even both. By just painting a room you make it look newer which adds value. Even adding an accent wall can add some perceived value to the would-be-buyers.
Whether it’s for your own living space or you’re looking to sell, investing in your home is a good idea.


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